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At OC Ventures we specialize in new home construction and all custom remodeling needs. We help each client walk through their vision if desired to create a customization for their objective. Each client has a unique vision for their project, whether that is the look, lighting, efficiency or layout for their space. Our goal is to lend our quality and expertise to that vision to make it a reality.  Our services range from one room repair and remodeling jobs, to full home remodeling, to new custom home construction or rehab.  


Original, Custom, OC Ventures.....What is your vision?

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Bathroom Additions

  • Custom Tile Showers & Flooring

  • Customizing Space For Walk In Showers

  • Steam Showers

  • Fixtures, Lighting & More!

  • Full Basement Remodeling

  • Custom Entertainment Area

  • Custom Bar Designs

  • Kitchens

  • Additional Bath or Laundry Areas

  • Fully Remodeled Kitchen

  • Partial Kitchen ReDesign

  • Custom Cabinets

  • Open Layouts, Creating Efficient Space

  • Specialty features such as refrigerator drawers, cabinet lighting, wine storage and More!

  • Any Room Or All Rooms

  • Custom Designing for Any Space

  • New Home Construction

  • Exterior Updates or Additions

  • Interior Updates or Additions

  • Custom Built Ins

  • Custom Woodworking Detail

  • Custom Flooring

  • Lighting & Fixtures

  • Small Repairs to Full House

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